An Ethereum powered utility token and a stable crypto currency.


A crypto based e-commerce marketplace powered by Artificial intelligence. Which amplifies user experience and facilitates global trade.


A creative fintech solution allow users to spend crypto on any e-commerce platform.


A state-of-the-art and secure payment gateway favours seamless money transfer.


A centralized and fortified crypto exchange provides liquidity to the Caz-ecosystem.


An unmatched amalgam

Caz brings together the most advanced technologies of our time. It is a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Fintech.

Stability Matters

Our token CazPlus is being developed as a Stablecoin to contain the volatility risk and stabilize its price.

Talk Back human like

Our voice assistance Cazzie can assist users and converse with them human like.

Crypto First

The whole Caz Eco-system is endorsing crypto currencies and trying to bring crypto to mainstream business activities like e-commerce.

Improved personalization

Our products and services are powered by Artificial Intelligence which provides for an improved personalization and user experience.

We set ourselves apart

The five hands of the Caz Eco-system are interconnected and complement each other. This integration will set us apart from our competitors.