CazExchange is a centralized crypto currency exchange developed to facilitate various kinds of small and medium cap crypto currencies, including CazPlus token, and to provide liquidity to the CazPlus ecosystem.

The previous version of CazExchange was set up successfully, however, the cost and risk associated with maintaining it for long term are considerable higher, hence we decided to utilize RubyKube, an open-source modular platform for building the current version. We believe that this will provide both the functionality and the security that CazExchange needs.

Key features of Cazexchange

Provides liquidity to the CazPlus Ecosystem

Supports multiple crypto currencies including ERC20 tokens

API endpoint for FIAT deposits or payment gateways

Built-in multiple wallet support (deposit, hot, warm and cold)

KYC Verification provided with the open-source Barong Oauth2 system

Built-in high-performance matching-engine

Firewalls on all endpoints, including blockchain servers and exchange server

2FA + multi-sig + DHWC wallets + balance control security features

Built-in Management API - server-to-server API with elevated privileges