CazShop is an outcome of our vision to build a crypto-first global e-commerce platform. We already built an MVP to test our idea and it has proved that there is a definite market for a crypto-first e-commerce platform.

So, we decided to take it further by incorporating smart technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to be able to meet the demands for convenience, selection, data privacy and positive customer experience.

Key Features
of CazShop

A full-fledged crypto currency based global e-commerce platform.

Integration of Blockchain technology provides superior data privacy and transparent peer-to-peer interaction.

Artificial Intelligence tools allows individualization of shopping experience, improves convenience and enhances customer retention.

Concentrates on a niche market of crypto users instead of going head-on with existing e-commerce players.

Embedded with a voice assistant, Cazzie, which makes customer interaction with the platform more convenient.

Offers B2B, B2C and C2C business opportunities.

Global distribution network allows to cater the needs of our scattered target customers.

A dedicated own payment gateway, to process payments made in various crypto currencies, makes it self-reliant and secure.

Offers a unique point of sale credit system to our customers.