To realise our vision of creating a full crypto-based e-commerce platform we require a robust payment framework. CazWave is developed as a smart payment platform to accomplish our requirements.

Key Components of CazWave

A payment gateway

It is CazWave’s main component and offers a Payment Gateway widget or plugin. It is the core payment mechanism for CazPlus ecosystem and users are directed to this gateway for making crypto payments. The payment gateway will entertain various crypto currencies including CazPlus and additional currencies will be accommodated based on market cap, customer and merchant request.


It is a featured service we offer to our users to buy products from any e-commerce website of their choice and pay in crypto. Learn More


It is a “buy now pay later” solution bolted into our payment gateway. Point-of-Sale Financing is a growing trend in e-commerce, however, the concept of credit is still very new in the public blockchain space. But we would like to explore offering lines of credit to our customers based on their credit worthiness.


This special service is to safeguard our merchants from crypto volatility. Once enabled, the CazHedge API will automatically converts the crypto funds received by merchants into stablecoin of their choice.

CazWave Crypto Mobile Wallet

This wallet is for our customers to hold their crypto funds and will offer the best in convenience and security, by leveraging biometrics and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

CazWave Merchant Site and Mobile app

Merchants are supposed to register and create their account in the merchant site in order to use CazWave platform. This merchant site mobile app offers various other features such as enabling or disabling hedge service, generating QR codes, integration plugins etc.